C. Raker and Sons

10371 Rainey Rd.
Litchfield, MI 49252-9719

Contact : Deb Eichler to RSVP
Phone: 517-542-2316
Website: http://trialgardens.raker.com
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Garden Hours: Monday through Friday from 9:00 am - 5:00 pm. Weekend visits by appointment. Trials are open from July 16 - August 29, 2014.

The Raker Trial Gardens are the Midwest destination for a complete floricultural exhibit and comparison trial experience. The Gardens were created to serve as an industry information resource. With a focus on education, we create and maintain over five acres of colorful floral displays that offer visitors a unique learning opportunity.


The Connection - July 31 thru August 2, 2014 Join us in the Raker Trial Garden for a new, unique Industry event celebrating Independent Horticultural entrepreneurial spirit. The casual, 3-day experience includes: Flowers, Food, Fun, Live Music, Peer to Peer discussions, Breeder Representatives, and Floral displays set amidst the beautiful Raker Trial Gardens. Bring your family and staff and connect with your industry friends and peers for a memorable event.

Row Comparison Trials. This is an exceptional opportunity to view over 700 rows of annuals and perennials in a true, side-by-side comparison format. In 2014 we will exhibit:

  • Sun Row Comparison Trials Argyranthemum, Basil, vegetative Coleus from K - Z, Gazania, hybrid seed Geraniums, Gomphrena, Lavender, African Marigolds, seed Portulaca, and vegetative Verbena First year over-wintered Perennial comparison Trial features Digitalis, Echinacea, and Gaillardia. Second year overwintered comparison features Euphorbia.
  • Shaded Row Comparison Trial hiemalis Begonia, Nicotiana, SunPatiens, NGI Sonic, NGI Super Sonic, NGI Divine, and NGI Florific
  • Special Sun Row Comparison Trial - Drakensburg Daisy vs. Garvinea

Breeder Beds.  The Raker Trial Gardens feature raised brick beds supported and designed by breeders across the globe. Our participants in 2014 include: American Takii, Ball Horticulture, Benary, Kieft/Darwin Perennials, Dummen, Fides/Oro/Ecke Ranch, Floranova, Grimes, Jelitto, Pan American Seed, Sakata, Selecta, Star Roses and Plants, and SHS Griffin.   

Hanging Basket Comparisons. The 2014 Hanging Basket Comparisons features a comprehensive collection of Vegetative trailing Petunias along with vegetative Lobelia in 14" hanging baskets.

New Varieties. The Raker Trial Garden offers an opportunity to view hundreds of new varieties each year.

Hanging Baskets Showcase. Over 110 new and unique varieties displayed in 14" hanging baskets.

Steppes Showcase. Our popular brick and stone display area features 265 20" patio pots dedicated to unique varieties and 2014/15 new introductions for both sun and shade.

New Variety Row Comparisons. Over 200 comparison rows showing the latest new introductions in an in-ground setting.

New Variety container and row sponsors include: American Takii, Beekenkamp, Benary, Danziger, Fides Oro, Floranova, Florensis, Gerbera Factory, Hort Couture, Darwin/Kieft, KiwiFlora, Morel, Pan American Seed, Plant Haven, Rijnbeek and Son, Seminis, Skagit Gardens, Suntory, Syngenta Flowers, and Terra Nova.

All-America Selections (AAS) Trial Ground and Display Garden. Raker is one of 47 locations across North America where potential new annual introductions are tested. Check out what new plants are under evaluation this year. See the last 5 years of winners of both the Vegetable and Flowering categories.

Facility Tours. Daily Greenhouse Tours - Monday thru Friday at 10:30 a.m. and 1:30 p.m.